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Corail, an avant-garde table

With the Corail table, the designers Antoine Fritsch and Vivien Durisotti are training the publisher Roche Bobois on 3D experiments with high density concrete.

Roche Bobois, Table CORAIL, design Antoine Fritsch et Vivien Durisotti.

This base requires less material since Ductal is denser than traditional concrete. Its weight varies between 82 kg and 118 kg depending on the design chosen, and its thickness does not exceed 2 cm. Fully customizable thanks to a dedicated setting tool on the brand’s website, the customer has the choice between five design variations comprising three or six lobes, different shapes and sizes and the application of more or more twist and braiding patterns. less marked. And once the selection is complete, a defined code is sent to the 3D machine which then prints the base of the chosen table in half an hour.

As for the trays, they are made of glass, either round or rectangular. It is enough to send the files by email to the other side of the world rather than a bulky piece of furniture, which avoids additional transport pollution. Aesthetically, the choice is to offer this base in its original color, simply a concrete gray. It is its organic form that sublimates everything, an evocation of polypore fungi or a tribute to endangered underwater corals.

Cecile Papapietro-Matsuda