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CONTRACT WEBINAR # 5: Is the French art of living to be reinvented?

Monday June 8, at 11:30 am, for this 5th webinar organized by the French Furniture in partnership with Intramuros Magazine and Le Courrier du Meuble et de l’Habitat, the chef Guy SAVOY and the architect and designer Jean-Michel WILMOTTE will discuss together around of the French art of living.

CONTRACT INTERVIEWS are a new form of speaking from the Contract group of French furniture. In partnership with Intramuros Magazine, the Courrier du Meuble et de l’Habitat, and EQUIPHOTEL, this meeting is a dialogue between manufacturers, fitters, interior architects and designers, to question the challenges of the profession.

For this fifth edition, we will address the new challenges that are opening up for contract professionals.

Monday June 8, 2020, at 11:30 a.m.

with chef Guy SAVOY and architect and designer Jean- Michel Wilmotte

around the theme:

Is the French art of living to be reinvented?

– The place of the relationship between gastronomy and atmosphere?
-> Interior architecture has big challenges

– Are the qualities of French know-how strong assets?
-> On the plate and in the layout


This Webinar is hosted by Ameublement français, in the presence of:
– Béatrice GRAVIER Director of EQUIPHOTEL
– Max FLAGEOLLET Roset Contract line
– François SALANNE BEE MEDIAS group
– Samya AHAMADA EQUIPHOTEL to transfer your questions live

An event carried out with the participation of Codifab.


(Reserved for professionals: manufacturers, fitters, interior architects, designers)

For any information, contact
We hope lots of you come ! All registrations are taken into account, 500 people will be able to participate in the live webinar by interacting with questions asked. A video link will be sent to all registrants.

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