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Conference, the emergence of new markets

Buying furniture on leasing or finding a second life for products, new avenues are explored to meet the aspirations of consumers, and define new markets.

Catherine Colin founder and CEO of Made in Design
Monica Born, co-founder of Superfront
Franck Mallez, co-founder of
Moderation: Cléa Daridan, historian of art, architecture and design, collaborator of Intramuros

A conference given on Sunday, September 12, at the Intramuros Café, as part of Paris Design Week 2021. The discussions brought together the expertise of Made in Design, which is developing a new second-hand market and emphasizes commitments in circularity, of Yourse.Co, which multiplies the proposals on the market by offering diversified access keys to design (leasing , second life …) in a very innovative economic model, and Superfront which has positioned itself in a very engaged second life market.