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Conference a new generation committed to sustainable creation

Environmental issues are at the heart of the concerns of new generations of designers, and intrinsic to their creative approaches.

Emmanuel Tibloux, director of the School of Decorative Arts
Lauriane Duriez, Deputy Director of Ateliers de Paris
François Leblanc di Cicilia, artistic director
Hedwige Gronier, head of cultural patronage at the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation

Moderation: Nathalie Degardin, editor-in-chief

A conference given on Wednesday September 8, at the Intramuros Café, as part of Paris Design Week 2021. This talk is intended as an extension of the investigation published in issue 207 of Intramuros (April 2021). In particular, it addresses changes in pedagogy in the exchanges undertaken with students (School of Decorative Arts), the crucial question of support for graduates (Résidence ateliers de Paris) and the synergies required between young creators, the renewal of interest in handwork in recent years (Bettencours-Schueller Foundation) as well as spotting young talents internationally (François Leblanc di Sicilia).