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News / Design / COMPETITION Camondo-Intramuros School: Launch of the 2nd edition

COMPETITION Camondo-Intramuros School: Launch of the 2nd edition

Intramuros has joined forces with the Camondo school for an unprecedented collaboration: giving the opportunity to students selected by publishers and manufacturers to work on projects which will be published. This year, Adagio and Serge Ferrari are participating in this competition alongside Lafuma Mobilier, which is renewing its support.

At Café Intramuros, during Paris Design Week in September, you will be able to see the 1-scale table designed by Zeina Sleiman with Sunbrella as well as the prototypes of the seats made by Juliette Drgez for Moore Design. These two laureates from last year were thus able to pursue a project initially during their diploma, enriched with advice and briefs from partner teams. On the strength of the first experience and a study entrusted to Thomas Carlier, Lafuma Mobilier is leaving for a new edition of the competition, and will examine with Adagio and Serge Ferrari the diploma projects for the 2021 class of the two sites of the Camondo school ( Paris and Toulon), and identify among them the students to whom they will propose to work on a project with a view to publishing.

The Serge Ferrari group, manufacturer of textiles for the exterior, collaborates in particular with many publishers and designers on the coating of furniture; and in particular Lafuma Mobilier, an outdoor specialist. Adagio, resulting from the joint venture between the Accor and Pierre & Vacances groups, is one of the European leaders in aparthotels in Europe. Adagio is currently experimenting in its multiple partnerships with coworking and coliving proposals, listening to a rapidly changing contract market.


The Camondo school, in Paris and Toulon

Founded seventy-five years ago, the Camondo school trains interior architects-designers after five years of training. In Paris, a true entity of the Decorative Arts, it enjoys a unique situation in Europe by being backed by a French cultural institution, whose collections and resources enhance the decorative arts, contemporary design, and high-quality craftsmanship. craftsmen and industrialists and participate in their influence and transmission. Since September 2019, the Camondo school has moved to a second site, in Toulon.

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