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Colorama in the kitchen

Desirable and essential objects in the modern kitchen, small household appliances are adorned with shimmering or pastel colours. A marked evolution over the decades. Complements in images of the article “colors in the kitchen” available in the number 211 of Intramuros, soon on newsstands.

Mixers, toasters, kettles or robots, household appliances are no longer exclusively white as they once were, a symbol of cleanliness and hygiene in the 1950s. Like the fridge, basic acquisition of kitchen equipment.

Old model of yoghurt maker from the brand © SEB

In 1955, a thunderclap in the world of household appliances! Building on its success and boosted by the stars of the time, the K5A, robot Kitchenaid pastry chef designed in 1927 by Egmont Arens, emerges from the shadows and adorns itself with colors, rose petal, solar yellow, island green, satin chrome and aged copper. Then in 1994, the palette is enriched cobalt blue, apple green, pastel yellow, anthracite gray or even tangerine. Empire red wins the prize; thanks to its commercial success, it becomes the torch of the brand.

Cookeo color Teracota © MOULINEX

When in 1997, the Italian Smeg followed suit to launch a fridge in a very fifties color palette, the FAB model became, moreover, iconic thanks to this development through color. He influenced the design of small household appliances, taking up the domed and rounded shapes of the fridge, available in matching pastel colours, as Anaïs Le Dizer, the brand’s product manager, explains. The range designed by Studio Deep Design has been a dazzling success, in line with the concepts of cooking appliances, initiated by renowned architects and designers Canali, Marc Newson, Renzo Piano.

Four-slice toaster model "Dolce & Gabana", limited edition © SMEG
Kettle model "Dolce & Gabana", limited edition © SMEG

The retro look and the color sell… Manufacturers have adopted the trend. The cream surfs on the Scandinavian style while the water green and azure blue announce the softness of an art of living close to nature. In a more measured approach, the De’Longhi group plays safe bets. Betting on color as a starter to get the day off to a good start, he focused on the breakfast set, offering a limited range, in four reassuring and timeless colors with a resolutely retro design. Or, for his Kenwood brand, he offers his Titanium pastry robots with a discreet touch of pink, blue or glittery green.

Branded kettle © Stelton
Nutribullet Pro Blender © Nutribullet

When design takes over color


Far from being anecdotal, design has interfered in everyday objects, bringing real added value to the product! Color has always been part of Alessi’s playful spirit, in order to break with the uniformity of international design, in the development of everyday objects, such as tea or coffee services. The latest creation, a kettle similar to a folded piece of fabric, is designed by designer architect Michele de Lucchi. The range has been extended to small appliances that make our lives easier, mixer, blender, toaster and citrus press, five objects whose graphics have drawn their sources from the world of timeless, joyful and festive fashion of the 1960s. 50 to 60.

Pastry robot, beetroot color (voted color of the year 2022) © KITCHENAID

At Hay, which is also immersed in the retro movement on a daily basis, the range is designed by Georges Sowden, one of the founders of the Memphis group. We find there the constructive and playful spirit of the objects of this movement of the 80s. After sets dedicated to breakfast, some brands are launching new appliances on the market in line with current lifestyles, used by each member of the family.

Old chopper model © Moulinex

We knew the pastry robots, here are the all-purpose robots, which cut, slice, mix, simmer, and are equipped with multiple functions, and advanced technologies related to smartphones. The Moulinex brand of the Seb group is innovating with colors for its interactive multi-cooker, a sophisticated new generation of pressure cooker for cooking in peace. The color therefore has its role to play in the personalization of the device which comes out of the anonymity of metallic gray.

Anne Swynghedauw

Kettle model "Icona Capitals" © De'Longhi
Blender from the "pleated" range © ALESSI