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News / Events / Chromosaturation Chamber exhibited at the French Pavilion in Dubai

Chromosaturation Chamber exhibited at the French Pavilion in Dubai

For those who have not had the opportunity to visit it, discover in pictures the Chromosaturation chamber which animates the French Pavilion from mid-December until January 14, as part of the Dubai 2020 World Expo. A sublime immersion in color.

Presented within the temporary exhibition “Lumière, Lumières”, hosted at the French pavilion of the Dubai World Expo 2020, Chromosaturation is a luminous environment placing pure color at the heart of its device. The installation, made up of three colored rooms (one red, one green, one blue) bathing the visitor in an absolute monochrome situation, resumes in a particularly immersive way the experiments around the color of the visual artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, great thinker of the kinetic current.

While our vision is usually accustomed to perceiving wide color ranges simultaneously, the pure color experience of Chromosaturation cajoles as much as it disturbs the retina. Faithful to the principles of kinetic art, where the movement and displacement of the spectator participate directly in the work through optical effects, Chromosaturation also proceeds from its interaction with the movement of the spectators which generates its constant mutation.

In his works, Cruz-Diez evoked this color which “ appears and disappears in the course of the dialogue that is established between space and real time”. By presenting itself to the public in all its physical purity, Chromosaturation recalls this “elementary vision” of color, devoid of pre-established meanings, and through which Cruz-Diez thought he could “waking up other mechanisms of sensitive apprehension, more subtle and complex than those imposed by the cultural conditioning and mass information of contemporary societies. »

Laurent Catala

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Atelier Cruz-Diez French Pavilion Dubai 2020