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News / Design / Christian Lacroix Maison: Utopia, from dream to reality

Christian Lacroix Maison: Utopia, from dream to reality

In the era of the “next world” and the desire for perpetual change in interiors since the crisis, Christian Lacroix Maison signs “Utopia”, the last part of a trilogy. Under the direction of Sacha Walckhoff, artistic director since 2010, the collection plays on colors, patterns and the aspect of depth. At the same time, the house is also releasing “Celebrate your games”, an all-porcelain collection in partnership with Vista Alegre.

“We heard a lot about the world after, but we didn’t really know what it meant in the end” . The starting point of the collection is there. After “The Odyssey” and “Atlantis”, “Utopia” comes to close the book of three chapters animated by these desires for freedom and creativity felt for almost two years. Sacha Walckhoff confides that he was largely inspired by mineralogy for these creations and particularly from the Paris mineralogy museum: “It’s a really fascinating place that I never imagined would be so rich. We spent hours in these rooms observing all the details of the exposed minerals. »

Christian Lacroix Maison: the art of mixing materials and know-how


Screens, embroideries on cushions and furniture, rugs… “Utopia” is a collection high in colour, know-how and materials. Evidenced by “Aglae Bloom”, a pattern between flowers and corals which is available on velvet, wallpaper or cotton satin. A decor that was designed specifically for a collaboration with Schmidt. Contemporary and light, it has been designed in such a way that it can be declined and adapted to all interiors and all areas of the house. This floral dominance is also found in the “Feather Park”, “Darius Green” and “Atlantis” patterns.

Utopia Collection, Christian Lacroix Home © Philippe Garcia
Utopia collection, Aglae Bloom pattern © Christian Lacroix Maison

For this collection Sacha Walckhoff has given particular importance to the aspect of depth and above all to detail. “If you take the Persian Night motif which represents the cosmos, if you don’t get close enough you don’t necessarily realize that there are pearly notes. These only reveal themselves if we take the time to look carefully . In the same way “It’s Paradise” which represents a colorful and magical landscape, is available at the request of the client, who can thus play with the patterns ” I love the idea that people can play with our designs and personalize them. There are endless possibilities.”

Utopia collection, Darius Green pattern, © Christian Lacroix Maison

The patterns designed for the collection can be used on screens, rugs, armchairs, embroidered on cushions and even on blankets (a first for the house). A diversity of possibilities and a mix of techniques which thus translate the quality and the technique of the Christian Lacroix house.

Celebrate your games, and everything will be better


Apart from this collection specific to the decoration of the house, Christian Lacroix Maison proposes to complete its interior through the release of three games all in porcelain (dice, domino, memory) produced in collaboration with the Portuguese manufacturer Vista Alegre. Achievements that are intended to be aesthetic but above all playful, something to delight young and old. To be handled with care, of course, but without moderation!
Maïa Pois

Celebrate your Games collection, Christian Lacroix Maison © Philippe Garcia
Celebrate your Games collection, Christian Lacroix Maison © Philippe Garcia