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Design / Events / Chafik Studio: A veil of softness at Paris Design Week

Chafik Studio: A veil of softness at Paris Design Week

He creates “furniture that works”, blows a light breeze on iconic houses like Lancôme by conceptualizing ultra-fine cases for perfumes, accompanies Baccarat in his first hotel project, scenography in the space of big names in retail… Between design, architecture, interior design, Chafik Studio seems to be in perpetual motion. However, its founder and director Chafik Gasmi takes the time to be present at Paris Design Week, and invests from September 3 to 8 the Atrium of Espace Joseph, at 5 rue Saint-Merri.

Chafik Gasmi

An aerial, ghostly sculpture reacts to the light and light breezes due to movement in the place, and gracefully surrounds a bed of colorful school chairs. Everything is said in this device: the simplicity of the gesture, and the generosity of the presence. A veil of softness, a peaceful and joyful meeting time in a period complicated by the health crisis. For this Paris Design Week 2020, Chafik Gasmi and his team invite you to sit down quietly, to forget for a while the constraints of the mask to simply sit down, enjoy the light, the well-being it provides, and discuss. “I want people to move around in the space with the chairs, improvise talking points. Everyone needs to come together. ” In June, during the press conference confirming the holding of the event, the pleasure of being – again – together was palpable, like a spontaneously unifying energy in the air, and Chafik told us : “I think that Paris really has the assets to create a unique design event, different but also strong from what is happening in the Milan off. “ For him, the City of Light is an endless territory of walks, of discoveries: “Little by little, we have to encourage people to dare to open doors, to look, to reclaim the space. “.

A harmonious space, a source of curiosity

Favorable to these ephemeral occupations, thanks to its generous volume, and its slightly recessed location in a small courtyard, but well in the heart of the capital, near Beaubourg, the space of the Galerie Joseph in Saint-Merri promotes this spirit. of discovery. And the central sculpture, its installation of seats, will unite for the curious who will pass the porte cochère. : “Everyone has memories of the school chair, it’s part of our collective imagination. At the studio, we started to rework it, in various sizes and different versions, in white, black, with a summer collection, and a winter collection. For this installation, we looked for colors linked to childhood, dynamic and luminous. “ Old pink, yellow, green, blue,… This palette brings touches of color to the white space, and above all the carefree energy of childhood, and responds in tonic counterpoints to the whiteness of the light transmitted by the glass roof and captured by the aerial tulle of the suspension. At nightfall, a play of lighting will maintain this soft and warm atmosphere. Note, to add a more sensual volume, the sculpture plays with geometry, from a round base that ends in a rectangular opening. The modules are retractable to generate several positions.

To find out more about the studio, visitors will of course be able to learn about the flagship projects in a dedicated stand space, and in particular its recent support for the new organic cosmetics brand Demain beauty. A Paris Design Week under the sign of well-being, certainly.

September 3-8
5 rue Saint Merri, 75004 Paris (Beaubourg metro station / Town hall)
11 am-7pm / Free admission


L'hôtel du désert bioclimatique - Studio Chafik

“Combining luxury and ecology has been the studio’s commitment since 2005, as evidenced by the Hôtel du Désert, a bioclimatic and completely autonomous creation. Both hotel and spa, this haven of well-being offers a radical and contemporary experience with Berber culture. There is a central foyer, a hammock open to the dunes, rest rooms in the shade of moucharabiehs, spacious suites like lofts, sober like Berber houses. ”

Flacon Idôle de Lancôme (2019) - Intramuros

“Idôle is a luxury object, timeless, simple, pure and sensual with refined details, faceted like a jewel. (…) A rectangular bottle that fits in the palm of the hand, a gold and a slightly rosé juice. ”

Loft en céramique / Desvres Maison & Objet (2006) - Intramuros

In partnership with the CRAC, the Desvres ceramic companies worked on the creation of a complete ceramic loft designed by Chafik Gasmi, to highlight the know-how of the region. The loft is made up of 40 x 40 cm ceramic pieces which, together, form the furniture: bookcase, fireplace, bathtub, bench, kitchen.