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CDG Terminal 1 gets a makeover

Opened on December 5, 2022, the new Terminal 1 at Charles de Gaulle Airport looks nothing like the previous one. A completely redesigned space, whose boarding room was imagined by designers Hugo Toro and Maxime Liautard. A beauty treatment that acts as a witness to the new offer launched by the ADP group: Extime.

Inaugurated in 1974, the terminal 1 of Charles de Gaulle airport had never been rehabilitated until now. Imagined at the time by the architect Paul Andreux, the initial structure of the Terminal consisted of a circular architecture linked by seven satellites. Under the impetus of the Aéroports de Paris (ADP) group, this configuration has been somewhat remodeled to offer a configuration in line with the launch of their new Extime service offering.

Karel Balas

Provide an experience


“Rather than making travelers suffer from waiting time, why not make it a chosen time?
“These are the words chosen by Caroline Blanchet, Marketing Director of the ADP Group, to explain the concept of Extime. By joining satellites 1 and 3 but keeping the original structure, the new Terminal 1 acts as a witness to the experience that Extime wishes to offer. A name that designates a desire “to offerextratime orextraordinarytime.

Karel Balas
Karel Balas

And to achieve this “extratime”, the group’s in-house designers analyzed the specific needs and uses of travelers in order to propose a shopping and dining offer adapted to their desires, their budget and their habits. More broadly, Extime has been conceived as a brand in its own right with the objective of offering a global experience to all travelers. This customized concept is part of the ADP Group’s global strategy, which aims to export it as much as possible, first to other terminals, then to French and international airports.

Karel Balas

The designers Hugo Toro and Maxime Liautard called on the project


And if Extime’s offer is based on its services, the layout of its spaces required a lot of thought. And to do this, the group called on designers Hugo Toro and Maxime Liautard to imagine the new boarding area of Terminal 1, which is 5600m2. ” I wanted to create something more domestic, which is a tribute to Paul Andreu,” explains Hugo Toro. After three years of work, the new boarding area reveals itself under the codes of Parisian brasseries, while bringing in touches of nature in a subliminal way through the colors used, with dominant green and orange.
Maïa Pois