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Carré Bleu : Iconix, the stainless steel must-have

Stainless steel, also known as stainless steel, is an ode to light. Brilliant, it transports us in its reflections, adorning itself with the changing colors of the sky. The Iconix Carré Bleu pools invite you to experience this magic and seduce many individuals today.

Realization Carré Bleu- Stainless steel pool.

Iconix Blue Square pools catch our senses to create an unparalleled emotion. It is therefore not surprising that they impose their seduction in the strong trends of the moment. The big hotels gave the impulse to this style of pools of a chic modernity. A craze now shared by many individuals in search of new sensations…

Realization Carré Bleu- Stainless steel pool.

Elegant, timeless… and durable


Used in the swimming pool industry for over 40 years, stainless steel is a material that offers many advantages, including exceptional longevity due to its resistance to corrosion, impact, freezing and deformation. Another undeniable advantage is the ease of maintenance and cleaning of the pool walls. The absolutely smooth and non-porous surface prevents the growth of algae and bacteria. A High Environmental Quality (HEQ) material, stainless steel is 100% recyclable and totally ecological. It is easy to understand why stainless steel is part of the Carré Bleu universe.

Indoor pool in stainless steel, Carré Bleu realization

Iconix, a pool with infinite promise

Very malleable, stainless steel allows all shapes of pools, from the most classic to the most iconic. Outdoor as well as indoors, all styles lend themselves to the Iconix pool: swimming corridor, small pool, mirror pool, overflowing pool, in-ground pool, semi in-ground pool… Much lighter than other types of pools, it can also be installed on a terrace or rooftop, in an individual home or a collective residence. Fully customizable, the Iconix Carré Bleu pool can also be enhanced with glass walls to offer a fascinating play of transparency, or be associated with a spa. The variations are endless! One thing is certain, the Iconix Carré Bleu pool has many years ahead of it!

Stainless steel spa at the W Hotel in Verbier, realized by Carré bleu.