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Carlo Mollino, guest star for the 10 years of RBC Lyon

There are a few days left to discover the exhibition of the Italian architect Carlo Mollino at RBC Lyon. For its tenth anniversary, the famous “Orange Cube” located in the heart of the Confluence district has bet on “Semper salva la fantasia”, directed by Zanotta. On view until December 24.

In 2020, after a process of research and technological development around the creations of Carlo Mollino, Zanotta is launching the CM collection: “This project was born as a reinterpretation of the work of Carlo Mollino. We have created this collection with a semi-artisanal production process. The eclectic character of Carlo Mollino’s creations perfectly expresses Zanotta’s vision ” explains Giuliano Mosconi, CEO of Zanotta.

The Zanotta-Mollino tandem began in 1981, when Aurelio Zanotta decided to manufacture the Fenis solid wood alpine chair (designed by Mollino in 1959 for the Turin Polytechnic campus). The editor is interested in the experiments carried out by this master of modern Italian architecture in the field of interior design, and studies with precision the contents of the Mollino archives. In 2020, 8 pieces dedicated to the domestic universe will form a tribute collection.

Carlo Mollino.

La Collection CM 2020

To understand Carlo Mollino’s work as a designer, it is necessary to adopt a global approach: each object interacts with certain elements of the house, a particular view of Turin, a furnished wall … Each piece of furniture is thus part of a figurative narration in which the architect is a screenwriter, director and actor. From the analysis of archival documents, in collaboration with the Politecnico of Turin, Zanotta has just published a collection of furniture faithful to Mollino’s design while equipping it with the latest technologies for the contemporary market.


RBC Lyon, Zanotta, Carlo Mollino.

The collection consists of 8 pieces of furniture, all bearing the initials CM and covering 21 years of his work: the Carlino CM storage cabinet (1938), the Milo CM mirror (1938), the Ardea CM armchair (1948), the Reale CM table (1948), Arabesco CM side table (1949), Cavour CM desk (1949), Gilda CM reclining chair (1953) and Fenis CM armchair (1959).

RBC LYON, Zanotta, collection CM
RBC_LYON_Zanotta_ collection CM

RBC Lyon fête ses 10 ans

The exhibition dedicated to Carlo Mollino celebrates the tenth anniversary of RBC Lyon. Franck Argentin, director of RBC always works with architects to place his various showrooms in their environment, and give them a specific signature.

In 2010, it is thus the duo Jacob / MacFarlane who will sign this daring orange setting, directed by François Basilien. During this decade, the showroom will have supported major projects: fitting out of the Euronews headquarters, fitting out of the Groupama Stadium-Parc OL, the luxury apartments of the Ycône tower, fitting out of the MOB Hôtel, Altavia, Sporting Club de Genêve or even more. recently the offices of Opteven … In 2019, this RBC anchor sees the inauguration of a second place in the city center, this time dedicated to the publisher Poliform.

RBC_LYON_Zanotta_ collection CM
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