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Camondo-Intramuros Competition 2021 –2/3 Serge Ferrari, upcycling and waste

For this 2nd edition of the Ecole Camondo-Intramuros competition, the partners Adagio, Serge Ferrari and Lafuma have respectively selected the winners Thomas Delagarde, Léna Micheli and Clémentine Doumenc. While waiting to discover the careers of these three young creators in the next issue of Intramuros, the editorial staff takes stock of each “duo”. Return of Bergamote Dubois Mathieu, Brand & PR Manager, and Constance Kocher, furniture market manager at Serge Ferrari.

Bergamot Dubois Mathieu, Brand & PR Manager, Serge Ferrari.
Constance Kocher, furniture project manager, Serge Ferrari.

How did you choose your laureate from the various diploma projects? How did Léna Micheli stand out?

After studying the diploma files of all the students, we made an initial selection of the three files which seemed to us to be relevant and in line with the values of our company and our profession.
Léna stood out for the professionalism of her file, the clarity of her presentation and the didactics of her presentation; its subject echoing the concerns of our company.


What is the mission entrusted to him?

We asked Léna to develop the concept she had worked on for her diploma thesis by adapting it to our industrial processes. Thus, Léna leads a global reflection in terms of upcycling.
The objective of this approach is to create a new product from the waste and scrap generated by our production processes. Eventually, this logic could be systematically integrated into our entire production chain, thus creating new value for our initially wasted production materials.
This approach echoes one of our CSR objectives.


How was his work organized?

In the last quarter of 2021, Léna joined Serge Ferrari as an intern. Since January 1 , she has been self-employed and we are bound by contract for this project. Léna dedicates one day a week to this project and comes to our premises as soon as the need arises in order to be able to collect materials for prototyping, discuss with the various departments on feasibility and health safety issues. We are still at the feasibility study stage.


Overall, what do you get out of this collaboration? Is this what you expected?

We are delighted to be able to support Lena in this project which has a lot of meaning for Serge Ferrari. Léna brings new perspectives on our issues and a fresh look at the subject of upcycling.

Upcycling research by Léna Micheli for Serge Ferrari.
Research on upcycling and simulation for Paris Design Week. Serge Ferrari