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News / Bolia Design Awards 2022: winners revealed

Bolia Design Awards 2022: winners revealed

The Bolia Design Awards 2022 took place during the 3daysofdesign, organized in Copenhagen in June. Thus, the juries have chosen to honor Ségolène Pla-Busiris, Sara Ullvetter Norman and the duo Fischer & Mordrelle.

“Everyone who impressed us was innovative and joined our playground for creative minds. Each proposal expresses the passion for design and brings a new international breath to our Scandinavian tradition. We are convinced that this creates something new.Bolia thanked him at the closing of the Bolia Design Awards 2022. Since January, the company has received entries from all over the world with sustainability, environmental concern and Scandinavian inspiration as the watchwords. A choice which explains the attribution of these three prizes: the Jury Prize, the Circularity Prize and the Public Prize

Ségolène Pla-Busiris, Jury Prize for her complementarity


With the mineral world as a source of inspiration, his Fragment side table is illustrated by the complementarity of its top and its support, which can be nested. In the image of the mineral world, Ségolène Pla-Busiris has designed a monolithic table, which she wishes to be timeless by its design and the traditional techniques used.

Fragment side table
Ségolène Pla-Busiris, Jury Prize of the Bolia Design Awards 2022

The Fischer & Mordrelle duo, prize for circularity

Everything here evokes circularity, from the curved shape of the Moon stool to its name recalling the Moon and its roundness, including of course the recycling of materials thanks to the French company FabBrick, specialized in the sorting of textile waste. Their recycling allowed the creation of this stool, an ethical process that Bolia wanted to highlight.

Moon Stool
The duo Fischer & Mordrelle, prize for circularity at the Bolia Design Awards 2022

Sara Ullvetter Norman, People’s Choice Award for her environmental approach

The environmental concern being a more than ever topical subject, it is quite naturally that the public made the choice of the Swedish designer Sara Ullvetter Norman. Indeed, its contemporary Dune chair manages to reconcile two materials that are perfect for the environment with oak and hemp, the latter known for its low water consumption and positive impact on the soil.

Dune Chair
Sara Ullvetter Norman, Bolia Design Awards 2022 Audience Award

Olivia Demigneux