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News / Bodil Kjaer honored for 90 years of Karakter

Bodil Kjaer honored for 90 years of Karakter

Figure du mouvement danois du design moderne, la designeuse et architecte Bodil Kjaer a conçu de nombreuses pièces de mobilier, luminaires et vases en verre. À l’occasion des 90 ans de la designeuse, Karakter présente trois de ses pièces.

Née en 1932 au Danemark, Bodil Kjaer est issue d’une famille déjà bien ancrée dans la création de meubles. Formée à Londres et aux Etats-Unis, elle reviendra finalement à Copenhague pour y créer son propre studio et de s’interésser dans un premier temps à l’aménagement d’intérieur de bâtiments publics.

Very quickly, the aesthetic and functional frustrations encountered by Bodil Kjaer in her work pushed her to seek solutions by creating furniture, lighting and glass vases. She always approached design from the perspective of solving a problem.

3 pieces edited exclusively by Karakter



This desk, designed in 1959, was the first of its kind, with a design that could almost be described as floating. It is nicknamed “James Bond’s office” in reference to its appearance in three films of the saga. Its top is in oak or walnut and its steel frame.

Office Desk, design Bodil Kjaer © Karakter
Office Desk, design Bodil Kjaer © Karakter


This chair with a circular backrest in oak or walnut and padded with leather cushions, brings a rounded touch, but all in lightness.

Principal Dining Chair, design Bodil Kjaer © Karakter


This table, in solid wood or walnut, makes the logical link with the rounded chair presented just before, is a perfect translation of the avant-garde and cosmopolitan vision of Bodil Kjaer. A simple but clarified model.

Main dinning table, design Bodil Kjaer © Karakter