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Art Paris, let’s go!

On paper, this new edition featuring the Grand Palais Ephémère with its breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower and the Champ de Mars was ambitious. And it clearly is!

Next to the heavy-duty galleries, for which this is a first – Almine Rech, Thaddaeus Ropac, Kamel Mennour, Continua – the others are not lacking in imagination to attract the visitor with poetic, strong pieces, or through attractive scenographies. Works in tribute to historical artists, or recently deceased. But also emerging, on the stand of galleries which are just as emerging. Photo, figurative, abstract painting, sculpture, textile work, furniture, there is something for all tastes, styles and mediums! Here is our second selection at the heart of a “cosmopolitan regionalism” fair, in the words of its director, Guillaume Piens.

Virginie Chuimer-Layen

Nathalie Obadia Gallery

Laure Prouvost (1978- « Pulled From below, c’est la mer à boire », 2021

Made by the artist who represented France at the 2019 Venice Contemporary Art Biennale, this astonishing functional chandelier, made of metal and glass, evokes an underwater world, fertile and moving. Produced with the Venetian master glassmaker Berengo, it bears the delicate and fragile traces of a life where overflowing flora takes precedence over human actions. A work with dreamlike accents, straight out of the phantasmagorical and particular universe of the visual artist.

Alain Gutharc Gallery

Edi Dubien (1963- « Les couronnes sont fragiles », peinture sur toile, pièce unique 2021

In the wake of the paintings worn by guest curator Hervé Mikaeloff, the works of French artist Edi Dubien challenge with their ambivalent poetry. Intimate portraits evoking the question of the genre of an autodidact who began with photography and also interested in the environment and the animal cause. “The crowns are fragile” is a strong work, imbued with a very aesthetic sadness, where the determined gaze of the young boy reaches the visitor in the heart.

Loevenbruck Gallery

Represented by the gallery, the Austrian artist-curator Jakob Lena Knebl imagined a sparkling scenography of the works presented on the stand. “Desiroom” is a vitamin-packed scenario, composed among others of historical pieces by Olivier Mosset, Michel Parmentier, or even Daniel Spoerri, from the gallery’s collection, together with exceptional design pieces – sculpture-games “Phantom” of the Simonnets, modular table and stools by Lionel Morgaine -, in partnership with the Meubles et Lumières gallery. An almost total work, unmissable.

Claude Bernard Gallery

Geneviève Asse (1923-2021), peintures sur toile de 1984 et 1992

The gallery shows, among other things, some large canvases (over 2 meters) by Genevieve Asse , this great artist of French painting who died last August 11, and known for her famous eponymous, soothing blue, which she has declined in many variations. Spiritual, his monochrome paintings sometimes interrupted by a thin red line, or here composed of a succession of colored white, blue, minimalist bands, open to infinity and are always conducive to contemplation.

Rabouan Moussion Gallery

Erwin Olaf (1959- série de photographies Im Wald, 2020

The black and white prints of the Dutch photographer, from his series Im Wald evoke current topics such as the exploitation of nature and the incessant movements of individuals around the world. Plastically close to the German romantic paintings of Caspar David Friederich or Arnold Böcklin, these almost silent photos also reveal the flaws and inconsistencies of our society.

Hélène Bailly Gallery

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), solo show et vase aztèque aux deux visages, 1957.

The Hélène Bailly gallery presents a diverse solo show by the iconic Spanish artist through ceramics, drawings and small sculptures. Among these, the aztec vase with two faces from 1957, a very rare piece for its model, its motif (the myth of Janus) and its dimensions (more than 51 cm in height). Inspired by pre-Columbian archaeological vases, it was produced during his period of collaboration with the Madoura de Vallauris workshop.

Thaddaeus Ropac

Martha Jungwirth (1940 - Marengo (Ross) 2021, papier marouflé sur toile

At over 80 years old, the Austrian artist still paints the world as she feels it: an often distressing universe that she transcends with “chromatic gestures” dominated by purplish red tones. Marengo, Napoleon’s famous mount, is here only a shadow of himself, a ghostly skeleton with lines similar to American abstract expressionists. A powerful and disturbing work.