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Apply for the 2021 Grands Prix de la Création!

You have until April 30 to submit your application for the City of Paris’ Grands Prix de la Création. After selection and jury, 6 professionals will be rewarded: 3 Grands Prix de la Création and 3 Prix Talents Emergents in the sectors of design, fashion and crafts.

Created in 1993, the competition was structured in 2006 around three categories. Since then, more than a hundred laureates have been awarded. It is open to French companies and professionals in the arts, fashion and design professions, who have been practicing for at least one year on the date of registration for the competition. For this 2021 edition, you can submit your application until April 30, midnight.

After an initial preselection on file, eligible candidates defend their project before a jury of professionals. Along with high visibility and support for their projects, the winners each receive an endowment of 18,000 euros.

To submit your application, Click here.

Ostraco, série de fioles en verre marin Glaz , création Lucile Viaud © Atelier Lucile Viaud



(Confirmed talent / Emerging talent)

2003: François Azambourg / Frank and Stanimira Rafaschieri
2004 Dominique Mathieu / Adeline Lunati
2005 Mathieu Lehanneur / Sébastien Cordoleani
2006 5.5 designers / Tristan Albert
2007 Sam Baron / Constance Guisset
2008 Gilles Belley / Julie Rothhahn
2009 Alexandre Moronnoz / Felipe Ribon
2010 Iona Vautrin / Aïssa Logerot
2011 Guillaume Delvigne / Émilie Colin-Garros
2012 Bina Baitel / Luce Couillet
2013 Samuel Accoceberry / Isabelle Daëron
2014 Laurent Corio / Jules Levasseur
2015 Pierre Charrié / Manon Leblanc and Romain Diroux
2016 Marc Venot / Studio Désormeaux Carrette
2017 Studio BrichetZiegler / Sandrine Nugue
2018 Germain Bourré / Lucille Viaud
2019 Jean-Baptiste Fastrez / Natacha & Sacha
2020 Outside Studio / Gregory Granados