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Air, air!

Want to take to the sea on your balcony or enjoy the great outdoors in the mountains? Here is a selection of the editorial staff to enjoy the outdoors.

Aerial bivouac

Tente ultralégère de la marque Samaya. © Samaya

Ultra light and designed by enthusiasts of the great outdoors, the new tents from Samaya set the bar high in terms of innovation and performance. Designed to accommodate two people, the Samaya 2.0 is compact and weighs only 1280g. Its Dynema® floor and Nanovent membrane offer real impermeability. Treated in pink, this tent definitely stands out!

SAMAYA2.5 , 1150 €

Tribute to Memphis

fauteuil Para d’Axel Chay.

Halfway between the Riviera style of the 60s and the Memphis movement, the Para armchair by Axel Chay, in striped canvas and tubular structure in powder-coated steel, is a playful piece. Its designer, in search of geometric abstraction, seeks to immerse the person who sits down, for more serenity.

Para armchair , 1800 €

Luminous mushroom

La baladeuse champignon, essentielle pour voir ou l'on met les pieds ! © Lampe à poser TASK

Task, as its name suggests in English (task in French), is versatile. This portable lamp offers three different light intensities and is rechargeable on a USB port. Designed by the Studio Faro lab collective, the lamp can be placed on the floor or on a table.

TASK portable lamp , in lacquered aluminum and leather handle, € 169.

Cooking UFO

Lulu, le barbecue de tout temps. Simon-Simone - barbecue Lulu © Aude Lemaitre

Lulu is a made in France plank barbecue that works with charcoal. Delivered with 1 pizza kit and cooking utensils, it can be used to grill food but also as an outdoor oven thanks to its cooking dome. No need to bring it in after the beautiful season since this 45kg UFO is stainless.

Lulu barbecue , exists in 8 colors, in recyclable cast aluminum, 60cm x 60cm x 95cm, 1290 €.

Crystalline attitude

Using UV-A chlorine photolysis, this water purifier eliminates chlorine, its derivatives and bacteria in 15 minutes. Just plug it in and insert the filled glass gourd. It works without filters or maintenance and allows bottle rotation during the day.

Organic Life , purifier and 6 bottles, € 259.


Cecile Papapietro-Matsuda