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2nd edition of the Biennial of architecture and landscape (14-05/13-07) in Versailles.
Nine exhibitions at the heart of the event, designed around the link between land and cities.

earth element

Ancienne Poste centrale 3 av. de Paris, Versailles

The exhibition “Earth element The earth that shapes us - The earth that we shape” (14-05/13-07) presents an XXL living model of Île-de-France, made in Ile-de-France lands.

Territories in transformation

Futur écoquartier de Gally 101 av. de la Division Leclerc, Versailles

Discovering the fundamental role of the earth in our territories.
As part of the Bap! the exhibition “Territories in transformation” (14-05/10-07) imagines the public space of tomorrow by focusing on the movements of the earth and the use made of it.

The Grand Paris Express Pavilion

Espace Richaud 78 bd de la Reine, Versailles

As part of the Bap! the Société du Grand Paris and Dominique Perrault present an immersive exhibition dedicated to the new metro and its urban, architectural and environmental ambition

Like rock water

Le Bois d'Infière Chemin des Osiers, Gruson

Inauguration of the photographic installation of Emmanuelle Blanc, - from May 15 to August 15 - project carried out within the framework of utopia.