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News / A new design school for the “next world”?

A new design school for the “next world”?

CY Cergy Paris Université has just announced the creation of a design school for the start of the 2021 school year. Public, focused on transversality, it will take its place within the CY Alliance schools to train designer-engineers. Under the leadership of Dominique Sciamma, this training is innovative in its pedagogical approach and is in line with the challenges of transformation of the current world.

CY Cergy Paris University is launching an ambitious educational project with the creation for the start of the 2021 school year of the first design school in a university. The objective is to train, in a transdisciplinary framework: “through a complete course in 5 years with a pedagogy by project, sanctioned by a university degree, nourished by human and social sciences and engineering sciences, touching the matter as much as the thought, the designers of CY will be ready to integrate professional life with great humanist values in mind, to take care of others and of the world. “ After 7 years at the head of the Strate school (which he has just left this fall), and also president of the APCI, Dominique Sciamma takes the direction of this new design school, public.

CY Cergy Paris Université

La récente structuration de l'offre pédagogique de l'Université de Cergy-Pontoise

Last January, the University of Cergy-Pontoise and EISTI merged by integrating moreover EPSS and ILEPS as component establishments to form the whole CY CERGY Paris University. ESSEC Business School is associated by decree with the university and integrates its governance. This group brings together 25,000 students. CY School of Design will be carried by CY Tech – School of Sciences, Engineering, Economics and Management of the university – for “ train transition engineers “. According to François Germinet, president of CY Cergy Paris University:” The arrival of Dominique Sciamma and the creation of this design school at the heart of a university reinforces the strategy of excellence and innovation of a university which intends to support its students in designing the world of tomorrow. This creation is thus in perfect coherence with the signature of the university: invent your life / design your life. It makes even more concrete and ambitious the third CY by design axis of the I-SITE CY Initiative that we are supporting with ESSEC Business School, in order to better train the decision-makers of tomorrow.. ”

Dominique Sciamma, directeur de CY Ecole Design

Pour Dominique Sciamma, `` Avec CY École de Design, nous proposons une école de design publique accessible, totalement synchrone avec les enjeux du monde. Ambitieuse intellectuellement et professionnalisante à la fois, elle va accueillir et former des designers complets, prêts à donner forme et sens à nos situations de vie, dans le respect du vivant. ``

Une formation sur 5 ans pour CY Ecole de Design

  • Double course CY Tech and CY School of Design – train design engineers in 5 years : Learn differently by weaving the sciences and engineering methods together with design knowledge, methods and practices, within the framework of a project-based pedagogy, resolutely innovative.
  • Specialized Bachelors and Masters : Like the “Datascience by design” Bachelor, new Bachelors and Masters will be created, in association with the CY Alliance schools, to train experts in sectors with strong design skills.
  • MBA “Leadership by design” : Train managers by integrating the “hard skills” of the designer to transform them into attentive and caring leaders. Other professional and continuing training around design will be added to it.
  • CY Design Lab : Establishment of an interdisciplinary research laboratory in, by and for design, in synergy with the laboratories of CY Alliance establishments, and with an ambitious thesis program.
  • Center for innovative teaching through design : Entity totally dedicated to educational innovation, its mission will be to think, prototype and help the implementation of techniques, methods and training programs, including among young infra-baccalaureate audiences.
  • Synergies will be implemented with the new places of professional innovation that are the Trades and Qualifications Campus of CY Alliance (Heritage Arts in Versailles and Security in Argenteuil).

An industrial chair will be implemented in parallel, with the objective of contributing to this ambitious program, and more particularly to the research program.