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News / At the Swedish Institute, the happy mix

At the Swedish Institute, the happy mix

The Swedish Institute in Paris creates an event with Swedish Design Movement for its 50 years, under the sign of the fantasy of the scenographer Pierre Marie and the rigor of Swedish design.

Solicited by Ewa Kumlin, director of the Swedish Institute, Pierre Marie, unclassifiable decorator and scenographer, only had the summer to determine this project aimed at highlighting Swedish design. The Living room show was born, which gives us all the spontaneity of the artist’s dreamlike universe, and his somewhat mischievous connivance with Swedish design. Close to the Austro-Swedish architect Joseph Frank but also to Dom Robert and Jean Lurçat, he defines himself as a decorator-interior designer who has worked for prestigious brands such as Hermès, Agnès b., Diptyque.

A l’Institut Suédois, l’exposition Living Room est mise en scène par Pierre Marie, banquette Big talk, design Adam Goodrum, 2020, Bla Station. © Anne Swynghedauw
Pièce unique. La tapisserie Ras el hanout, 150 x 365 cm, création Pierre Marie, œuvre tissée à la Manufacture d’Aubusson. © Tadzio

Starting point of the project? The multicolored Ras El Hanout tapestry, a work he designed before, was woven at the Manufacture Robert Four by Sylvie Chazeaux, lissière in Aubusson. “I try to put ornament and drawing back at the heart of my work, to restore certain neglected trades. In this work, the evocation of the spices of North African cuisine, merges into a giant imaginary herbarium ”. If there is an obvious link between tapestry and Swedish folk art of the 50s / 60s, it is the imagination of Pierre Marie that shines in the exhibition with partner design brands and: Palmgrens, String Furniture , Nola, Superfront, Ingridsotter, Sarah Szyber, Dux. “Lisa Hilland’s leather pouf for Svenskt Tenn echoes the plant world like a seed that has fallen to the ground,” explains Pierre Marie.

Artisanal. Pouf Pompon, design Lisa Hilland, 2010 © Svenskt Tenn.

The participation of Beckmans College of Design, young shoots of Swedish creation, takes off the subject, playing on unexpected contrasts, sometimes surprising associations. Color is omnipresent in the exhibition, intense blue in the room on the ground floor of the Swedish Institute, the color circle of the multicolored Bla station bench, presentation of the coils of wool resulting from the making of the tapestry. Everything comes together in a delightful patchwork that highlights committed creativity and seals Franco-Swedish friendship.

Exhibition at the Swedish Institute in Paris, until October 3, 2021, more info on the site

Anne Swynghedauw

© Daniel Camerini

Jeunes pousses. Créations 2021 des élèves du Beckmans College of Design : de gauche à droite, table et fauteuil Max Stjerna, lampadaire Jessica Westerberg & Ronja Reuber, vase Jessica Westerberg, tabouret Max Stjerna, lampe Lotta Lampa, vase vert Jonatan Nilsson.

Epuré. Fauteuil bas Maximus, design Johan Ansander 2021. © Bla Station
Iconique. Réédition du fauteuil et repose-pieds Pernilla design Bruno Mathsson, 1969. © Dux
Sans vis. Le système permet d’emboîter des modules aisément, système de fixation par Threespine, Välinge Innovation.