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90 years of Prisunic and Monoprix: back to the seventies (1/3)

The two iconic brands of popular design are celebrating their anniversary. Prisunic, it’s over, but not quite! By merging since 1997 with Monoprix and Galeries Lafayette, the two brands have reinvented design on a daily basis, and accessible.

This one-off and targeted event for nostalgics or collectors is an opportunity to acquire and (re) discover cult pieces from the 1970s, which have not aged a bit. In an ephemeral and online store, the creations for Prisunic by 5 emblematic designers of this period have been reissued, in a very limited series, and offered for sale. A way to bring up to date the talent of creators, sometimes forgotten.

De gauche à droite : Table basse, Danièle Quarante. Dessus lampe, Marc Held. Tabourets et tapis au mur, Jean-Pierre Garrault. Fauteuil et coffre, Terence Conran. © Karel Balas

Reissue of 5 iconic designers from the 70s

For the 90 years of the two brands Prisunic and Monoprix, Cécile Coquelet, Creative Director of Monoprix, underlines the scope of the project: “We have chosen to split the event into three phases: the reissue of furniture and accessories by 5 emblematic Prisunic designers from the 1970s that we have brought together, that of 150 designer objects, and finally the participation in the exhibition at MAD in Paris retracing the history of the brands. “ With Prisunic, a pioneer of popular French design founded in 1931, the designers of the time went back to the flagship years of industrial design, taking a contemporary look. One of Terence Conran’s sons (deceased in 2020) Marc Held, Danielle Quarante, Jean Paul Garrault, Claude Courtecuisse… All have answered the call. The selected models have been made identically from the original designs of the designers, and are as close as possible to the original materials, without being vintage.

Table basse, Danièle Quarante. Dessus lampe, fauteuil cuir et métal Marc Held. Tabourets, table basse centrale et tapis au mur, Jean-Pierre Garrault. Fauteuil, Claude Courtecuisse.

Terence Conran, everyday simplicity

According to the photos of furniture and objects by Terence Conran, for the first Prisunic catalog, the pieces by the creator of the Habitat brand are obviously timelessly modern. The ultra-simple plates from the Mono Design capsule collection, created in 2000, display their shaker style, while the armchair, the chest and the sideboard, their uniqueness while remaining design products for the general public.

Assiette plate, design Terence Conran.

Marc Held, an exceptional lamp and a relax armchair

Architect, designer and photographer, Marc Held had designed this lamp exclusively for the office of President François Mitterrand at the Elysee Palace in 1983, accompanied by a set of wooden furniture. From his personal archives, for this retrospective, he offers the original model in three finishes, gold, stainless steel, matt black. A leather, canvas and metal armchair, both relaxed and refined, shows another facet of his talent.

Siège Vassilia, cuir, toile et métal, design Marc Held.

Danielle Quarante, timeless elegance

Winner of the Shell competition in 1970, initiated by Prisunic, designer Danielle Quarante offers a small metal table made from an original drawing never used by Prisunic at the time and a seventies lamp. Both are in the spotlight for the event. She had also created for Prisunic, the Balthazar stackable armchair, sold at on catalog. Under consideration for its reissue, this seat will be made from recycled composite, which is more ecological than the original ABS.

Lampe Cyclade, design Danièle Quarante.

Jean-Pierre Garrault, a festival of colors

From his personal archives of the 70s, the artist designer Jean-Pierre Garrault extracted 5 drawings, among the 1500 colorful prints. The very graphic and colorful geometric shapes testify to his lively creativity. The rugs and crockery that energized daily life are still relevant today. To be used therefore, without moderation …

Tabouret en céramique, Tapis et Table basse, design Jean-Pierre Garrault.

Claude Courte-Suisse, innovation above all

This prolific industrial designer, draftsman, sculptor and photographer has always had a curious look and a broad reflection on industrial materials. Entered the museum, in several institutions, with its leatherette armchairs, these creations are reissued in a version textile, more comfortable and more ecological too.

Anne Swynghedauw

Siège Apollo, métal et tissu, design Claude Courtecuisse

Pop-up store Prisunic, from December 3 to 11 from 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., 5 rue Saint-Merri, 75004 Paris. from December 3,