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2022 products: editor’s selection (2/4)

The new issue of Intramuros dedicates its inspiring “360° Design” section to products just released in 2022. Furniture, accessories, fashion, vehicles… discover the 40 favorites of the editorial staff in the magazine! Discover a second extract.

Picnic Collection, +Halle

The Picnic collection consists of circular benches with a two-height system and a soft cushion. A colorful collection, edited by +Halle, and designed by the studio Form Us With Love.

Off-cut lamp, Pierre Castignola

Presented at the Objective Gallery in New York, Pierre Castignola ‘s Off-cut lamp was born out of an initiative to find a use for the discarded parts of his own business.

XP Race, Hugo Eccles

This new motorcycle model designed by Hugo Eccles is conceived with “the XP program, which proposes a new design language for electric motorcycles, based on new opportunities rather than simply imitating a visual vocabulary created by a soon-to-be obsolete technology”, as he puts it. Each XP is built to the individual specifications of each customer, so each one is unique. Watch the video here.

Re:mix blender, Open Funk

The German company Open Funk has developed Re-mix, a more “sustainable” blender compatible with all kinds of glass jars. The structure of the case is made of 100% recycled and recyclable materials, with speckled panels made of plastic waste.

Rug n'Roll stool, Johannes Budde

Johannes Budde’s Rug’n Roll stool boldly introduces the industrial material Concrete Canvas to furniture design. Usually used in civil construction, Concrete Canvas is a flexible fabric impregnated with a thin layer of concrete.

Find the complete selection of the editorial staff in the issue 214 of Intramuros, available at newsstands, in partner bookstores and concept stores and on our online store.