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News / Design / Events / 20 years of Parsua at Galerie Chevalier

20 years of Parsua at Galerie Chevalier

Until November 13, discover at the Galerie Chevalier the collection of carpets specially published for the 20th anniversary of Parsua editions.

20 years worth celebrating! For the occasion, Céline Letessier and Amélie-Margot Chevalier wanted to mark the occasion. For this anniversary collection, they started from a very special concept by calling on 10 designers noted for their eco-responsible approach. One specificity should however be noted: the lucky winners had never created a rug before. The designers were offered two assignments: to design a rug that combines both their personal universe and the DNA of Parsua, and to reinterpret an already existing model.

Foliage rug, design by Agustina Bottoni
Amenzu rug, design by Ibbki

Carpets with an ethical and ecological conscience


Since its creation in 2001, Parsua has had the ambition to create “the antiques of tomorrow”. All rugs are made without chemicals, from hand-spun local wools with a water and sun patina like those created in the 17th and 18th centuries. A know-how that has become the symbol of their creations.

Kinematic rug, design by Clément Brazille
Sirocco rug, design by Charlotte Julliard

Two years of design to celebrate twenty years


From the design of the project to its completion, two years have passed. In view of the result given by the exhibition, the challenge was successfully taken up by Marie Berthouloux, Agostina Bottoni, Alexandre Logé, Arthur Hoffner, Charlotte Julliard, Clément Brazille, Garnier and Linker, Fabien Capello, Hors-Studio and Ibkki. The exhibition presents the rugs made, scripted around a few emblematic pieces by these designers. At the back of the gallery, the drawings of the reinterpretations are exhibited alongside the models that inspired them.
Maïa Pois

The exhibition is held at the Galerie Chevalier, located at 25 rue de Bourgogne in Paris until November 13, 2021.